Laminate Flooring

Cheap laminate flooring is a very good alternative to hardwood flooring. Floors are that part of your home that takes the most abuse. Laminate floors are durable, easy to clean and require very little maintenance. Installing cheap laminate flooring is not rocket science. So, what if you have never done it before? You can easily get your laminate flooring in place without messing up and having to redo it. Alternatively Cheap Flooring Direct can advise on a fitting company.  

Maintaining Laminate flooring

One of the best things about cheap laminate flooring is that it is not affected by sunlight. Laminate flooring is slippery when wet but does not scratch as badly as hardwood floors. Water does not affect laminate floors unless you let it pool. As for cleaning the laminate flooring, first sweep or vacuum to remove any dust or debris on the laminate and then use warm water, a very mild cleaning solution and a sponge mop and clean with smooth even strokes. Wring out any excess water. Remember your laminate floor hates pooling. Make it a rule to always clean spills immediately. Once this becomes a habit, cleaning won’t be a tedious chore. Your cheap laminate flooring will last longer if you don’t drag around metal or heavy wooden furniture.

Installing Laminate Floors

Cheap laminate flooring is installed by a method called floating floors. Previously, all wood floors had to be nailed down and ceramic floors had to be attached to the subfloor using mortar. Laminate flooring does not require any such specific skills to install. You can install a laminate floor on virtually any surface. If you can fix a kid’s jigsaw puzzle, fixing cheap laminate flooring will be almost as easy. Laminate floors expand in response to humidity. A few millimetres space between the laminate flooring and wall allows for this expansion.

Among the major benefits of laminate flooring are its versatility and durability as compared to many other types such as hardwood flooring. In addition, you don’t have to worry too much about your budget since there are plenty of cheap laminate flooring options available at a majority of hardware stores. They are made from synthetic fibre, which turns out to be cost effective. Laminate flooring comes in tongue and groove planks that allows for easy installation. Since the tiles are laminated, they are more resistant to wear and tear especially in rooms where there is heavy traffic. This is one of the main reasons why parents with younger children opt for laminate flooring. Grubby footprints can be easily washed clean in no time, leaving your floor as good as new once more.

Cheap laminate flooring is available in a wide range of wood finishes. This gives you the opportunity to style your room according to your taste without having to break the bank. Lighter woods give the illusion of bigger space while a darker finish can lend a rich and exotic look to the room. Just make sure to choose shades that match with your interior and furniture.



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